Our Unit


We have a combination of Air jet Looms, Sulzer Shuttle less Looms, Auto Looms and Power Looms on which we can construct qualities & widths according to customer requirements. In order to deliver the best quality we consume A-grade yarn to weave the fabric.

Bleaching, Dyeing & Printing

We have engaged very good Units for Continuous Bleach, Kare Bleach, IR Continuous Dyeing, Jigger Dyeing, Reactive Thermosol Dyeing, Vat Dyeing and Pigment/Reactive Rotary, Digital, Panel Printing. Under the supervision of qualified & experienced personnel we are taking very good results of printing & dyeing from these units.


We have very good set-up of all machines including cutting, stitching & quilting machines. Under the supervision of our Quality Control Managers everything is considered keenly from Cutting to packing process.